Best business travel backpack for every type of traveller

Here’s our round-up of the best business travel backpacks that’ll suit each type of traveller.

Best business travel backpack for every type of traveller

Not all of us are fans of luggage. A broken strap or a shattered roller wheel—luggage mishaps tend to happen at the most untimely moments. Backpacks, on the other hand, are way more durable. They are much easier to handle and lets you can travel light and unencumbered.

Since every traveller has varying preferences, we have categorised our recommendations according to the type of business traveller you are. The four distinct archetypes are:

  • Stereotypical Suits
  • Service Seekers
  • Belt Tighteners
  • Points Maximisers

Here’s our round-up of the best business travel backpacks that’ll suit each type of traveller.

Stereotypical Suit

Stereotypical Suits seek convenience above all. They prioritise comfort-related attributes, such as direct flights, priority boarding, and convenient flight timings. A sizeable proportion (61 per cent) of them are above 35. These travellers may evade travel policies, more so than the other archetypes. When they do so, it is typically so that they can travel more conveniently.

As seasoned fliers, Stereotypical Suits would value a time-honoured brand like Samsonite. This brand remains at the forefront of people’s minds for quality form and function.

The Samsonite Kombi Large Backpack is a great option for one-bag travel. The ballistic nylon fabric means the bag is durable and will last for years to come.

With a large storage space, this bag can easily store your laptop for a short business trip. It’s designed for business travellers in mind, with compartments to keep electronics, stationery, and even your phone within easy reach.

For Stereotypical Suits who are travelling light, another bag to consider is the Aer Travel Pack 2.

Service Seeker

These business travellers are looking for travel experiences where they feel recognised and valued. That also means spending out of their pocket if the situation calls for it, such as quality in-flight entertainment or choosing their rooms. In fact, the Service Seekers are the most willing spenders.

Service Seekers would appreciate the Nomatic 30L Travel Bag, with over 20 thoughtful and innovative features.

You’ll find straps at the sides of the bag, allowing an effortless switch between backpack and duffel bag. The TSA-ready pocket sleeve allows you to keep your tech in the bag as you sail through security. Another feature worth highlighting would be its ventilated shoe compartment. Perfect for business trips when you can sneak in a gym session or two.

Another bag that fits these travellers to the tee would be Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack.

The bag straps are modelled after hiking backpacks, moulding to your shoulders for maximum comfort. It has thick padding to ease your load and encourage airflow behind your back. The thoughtfulness of this bag design comes through with the laptop and tablet sleeves’ soft fur lining. No more unwanted scratches on your electronics!

Belt Tightener

Making up a smaller percentage (17 per cent) of business travellers, the Belt Tighteners are attracted to value-focused services. They appreciate low prices almost twice as much as the average business traveller. Most Belt Tighteners travel domestically (73 per cent) and are in junior positions (53 per cent).

These travellers want value for money. That’s why the Solo Duane Hybrid Briefcase Backpack will be a hit among the Belt Tighteners. For an extremely affordable price point, this backpack doubles (or triples) up as a briefcase or a messenger bag too.

Belt Tighteners would be sold on this bag’s versatility. It can be used anywhere: on business trips, office commute or even for the weekend. Its compact body also means it fits nicely in overhead bins as carry-on baggage, avoiding those hefty checked bag fees.

Another wallet-friendly backpack would be the KOPACK Deluxe Backpack.

The bag features comfy padded shoulder straps and lots of storage space. It’s made from tear-resistant material and anti-puncture zippers, giving you peace of mind if the cities you’ll visit are theft hotspots.

Points Maximiser

These travellers are in for loyalty points. The Point Maximisers are lured by loyalty and rewards programme. Because of that, only a quarter of them are willing to fly low-cost carriers, while those who would go for independent hotels are a mere nine per cent. Comfort still ranks high on their priority list, but the Point Maximisers wouldn’t reach into their own pockets for add-ons like better meal options.

Most backpack brands don’t have loyalty points. Makes sense too, you’d want a durable bag that lasts so you don’t have to repurchase. But certain brands come with a lifetime warranty, like Peak Design.

The Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L comes in configurable bag sizes. It expands to 45 litres for use as carry-on baggage. For a daily backpack, fold in the top corners for a more compact 35 or 40 litres. The bag provides quick access to the main compartment too, with its trapezoidal flaps at the side.

Point Maximisers will also be pleased to know that Peak Design’s lifetime product guarantee allows swaps so you are always using a fully-functional and defect-free bag.

Another brand with a lifetime warranty is Osprey.

The Osprey Farpoint 40 aces in terms of comfort with excellent shoulder straps. Which helps when you’ve packed to full load. If you plan to check-in your bags, the bag straps can be stowed away neatly and the zippers are lockable too. Osprey sweetens the deal with a full lifetime warranty and repair program for all its bags.

A comfortable backpack for business travels

Hands-free travelling just sounds much more pleasant. Imagine not having the hindrance of huge luggage in the way!

A backpack gives you ease of movement that any traveller navigating foreign roads would appreciate. While most business travel bags are decent, a great backpack can truly improve your trip experience. Be stringent in selecting a quality backpack and take your pick from our carefully selected options.