The best luggage for every type of business traveller

One of the biggest gripes on your business trip can be terribly-designed luggage. To help you find the ideal luggage, we have picked out options that’ll suit every type of business traveller.

The best luggage for every type of business traveller

Having the right luggage can make or break your business trip. With air travel having its own set of woes, you wouldn’t want your bags to add on to your concerns. As such, the ideal suitcase has to withstand the hardship – crowded terminals, uneven pavements, streetside curbs, and endless flights of stairs – and emerge victorious from the baggage carousel.

When it comes to the best luggage, we have picked out options that’ll suit the needs of different business travellers. Specifically, four types of Asian business travellers:

  • Stereotypical Suits
  • Service Seekers
  • Belt Tighteners
  • Points Maximisers

According to your archetype, here are the best luggage to tag along on your business trip.

Stereotypical Suit

For these business travellers, it’s all about the convenience.

Making up almost a third of the Asian business traveller population (32 per cent), this archetype embodies the traditional image of a business traveller. Stereotypical Suits are older fliers, with 61 per cent aged over 35. More than half of them (63 per cent) work at MNCs or large local companies, and they want their services delivered fast – anything that is hassle-free and saves time.

A suitable check-in luggage would be the Samsonite Lite-Boxx Spinner 28’’. Founded in 1910, Samsonite has a long legacy of quality when it comes to durable and reliable luggage.

This bag is extremely light at 3 kg. With four multi-directional double wheels, the luggage allows easy maneuvering, gliding through airports or down plane aisles. The telescopic handle is also height-adjustable, ensuring that it’s easy to handle the bag in any situation.

As for the best carry-on luggage for Stereotypical Suits, that would be the Tumi V4 International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On.

Tumi remains as the leading luggage brand for business travels. The suitcase is extremely tough and abrasion-proof, as it is made from ballistic nylon (a unique weave of fabric with a special coating). Its corners are also impact-resistant, which means this bag will do just fine even with rougher handling.

For peace of mind, the luggage has a tracer so travellers never have to worry about lost, delayed or stolen luggage.

Service Seeker

Service Seekers care about service, brand, and facilities. That could mean in-flight power outlets for work or personal trainers at hotel gyms for leisure. These factors build a distinctive travel experience that these fliers seek for.

Service Seekers account for almost a third of the population (34 per cent) and are the largest spenders. They are the most willing to spend out-of-pocket for ancillary services on their flight or hotel. Flying first or business class is also more common for the group (43 per cent).

These fliers would need design details that make luggage much handier, such as the Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 29” Spinner Suiter.

This Travelpro suitcase is designed for business travellers in mind. With a garment sleeve to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, it’ll save you the trouble of ironing on the trip. Their magnetic technology keeps the wheels aligned for the smoothest possible movement. For extra comfort points, the luggage has cushioned touchpoints at the handle to relieve the strain on your wrist.

For items they would prefer to carry onboard, Service Seekers will also appreciate Victorinox’s Lexicon Hardside Global Carry on.

Victorinox is famed for its Swiss knives and cutlery, but their suitcases are of equally superb quality. Wheels and handles are recessed to maximise packing space and the zippers are puncture-resistant. What’s worth noting is the bag has an elegantly hidden tray containing a USB charging port, a SIM card replacement tool, a pen, and an ID card for your contact details.

Belt Tightener

The name says it all – these travellers are price-sensitive and value-seeking.

Since most of them come from SMEs (53 per cent) and often fly domestic (73 per cent), the Belt Tighteners would rather spend more time to save money. Being budget-conscious, over one-half of the travellers (57 per cent) chose to fly low-cost carriers.

Can’t bear to shell out a sum for a suitcase? Look for affordable options like AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage 28”.

This luggage is reasonably priced, yet packed with functionality. It’s lightweight and sturdy. In fact, this luggage is extremely durable, with the hard shell made from thick ABS (a mixture of plastic that makes it great at resisting impact). A scratch-resistant finish also means this luggage will look new even after using it for a long time.

Another tip for the Belt Tighteners is to get a luggage set, like the Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 3-Piece Set.

It comes in 20-, 24-, and 28-inch sizes, thus giving the best value for Belt Tighteners with trips of varying durations. The 20-inch carry-on can be set aside for short business trips, while larger checked luggage for your personal travels.

For its price, these suitcases hold up well too. Made from a blend of polycarbonate and ABS, it’ll be able to withstand (rough) luggage handling while the textured edges prevent scratches.

Point Maximiser

Loyalty points rack up fast if you travel often. If you value these perks as an upside of business travel (15 per cent), chances are you belong to this group of travellers.

The Point Maximisers also appreciate comfort; they value comfortable aircraft seats and luxurious rooms more than the other archetypes. Only one quarter would fly with a low-cost carrier. Still, these travellers are unlikely to pay out-of-pocket for perks, with less than a third willing to pay for flight or hotel add-ons.

While most luggage brands do not have loyalty programs, Point Maximisers can turn to Brigg and Riley for a lifetime warranty instead. The brand adopts a no-questions-asked repair policy, even if the damages are caused by the airline. It’s most popular design is the Baseline Medium Expandable Spinner.

Their luggage design also revolves around the real needs of a traveller. Ever wished the handle was mounted on the outside of the suitcase instead so there’s more packing capacity? Brigg and Riley has a patent on that.

Another perk would be that fliers need not remove their laptops at security checkpoints. Typically, the laptop must be removed from its sleeve to give a clear X-ray image, without obstruction. But with its SpeedThru pockets, your laptop can stay where it is even as you pass checkpoints.

For a carry-on suitcase, Away’s The Carry On With Pocket is the best of the bunch for Point Maximisers. Away offers a lifetime warranty and a 100-day trial period, so you can return the luggage after your purchase if you decide it’s not for you.

Away has features that are thoughtfully designed for Service Seekers. For instance, its suitcases all come with an ejectable battery that can charge your phone up to five times. If you fly often, you may come across smart luggage, or luggage with integrated batteries. Smart luggage is banned in most airlines. But only if the batteries are non-removable.

With Away’s ejectable batteries, you’ll be able to check in your smart luggage or as a carry-on bag.

Designed with the traveller in mind, this bag also has a pocket to keep travel documents like your passport or boarding pass. There’s nothing more frustrating than fumbling for your boarding pass with a long queue behind. With these luggage pockets, you can cruise through checks without a struggle.

A luggage that fits the bill

One of the biggest gripes on your business trip can be terribly-designed luggage. A rolling albatross will irk even the most seasoned business traveller.

Instead, spend the time researching for a bag that suits your needs. That’ll make your travelling experience will be less harrowing. With a vast selection of checked and carry-on luggage to choose from, finding the ideal luggage is only a matter of time.