How to Streamline Your Corporate Travel Booking Process with Travelstop?

How to Streamline Your Corporate Travel Booking Process with Travelstop?

Business travel is indispensable to the growth of a company, as employees need to traverse to different places to unlock new avenues for growth. However, the convenience that a seamlessly integrated travel management software lends to the overall business travel framework is highly underrated.

Business travel comprises several different aspects - such as planning, booking, expense management, grievance redressals, reimbursements and so on. It is, therefore, essential to establish a system that looks after all of these aspects like a well-oiled machine, enabling your employees to focus solely on giving their best for the company while they are on the road.

What is Travelstop?

Travelstop stands out as a contemporary solution tailored for companies seeking to consolidate their diverse business travel needs within a single platform. This innovative tool empowers users to plan and book business trips, establish corporate travel policies, effectively manage expenses, and streamline reimbursement processes, all through an integrated and user-friendly interface.

What sets Travelstop apart is its unconventional approach to redefining the conventional image of a business travel tool. In contrast to most corporate travel software, which predominantly caters to large enterprises, Travelstop offers an interface that feels more akin to what consumers are familiar with. This approach greatly simplifies the process for business travelers to arrange their flights and accommodations autonomously.

Additionally, Travelstop provides companies with the flexibility to establish their own expense policies and approval workflows, further streamlining the managerial oversight of bookings and facilitating prompt approvals or rejections.

Making Corporate Travel Bookings on Travelstop

Travelstop provides an extensive selection of flights and hotels across countries, giving you more than ample choices as per your luxury and company policies. With Travelstop’s streamlined interface, all employees have to do is make their bookings, and the platform handles the notifications, approvals, and expense management.

Here is how you can enable greater autonomy in corporate bookings through Travelstop-

Set up your Corporate Travel Program

Getting started with Travelstop is a breeze, requiring just a few minutes of your time. The initial steps involve onboarding your employees onto the platform and establishing your corporate travel guidelines. These policies can encompass various aspects such as setting expense limits for bookings, specifying restrictions on business class flights or 5-star hotel stays, and indicating preferred airlines or hotels, among others.

If your company enjoys specially negotiated rates with specific hotels or airlines, Travelstop can seamlessly showcase these preferential prices within its platform. Moreover, you have the flexibility to customize policies on an individual employee or team basis, tailoring them to meet your unique needs.

Establish Approval Flows

Travelstop lets you pre-define the chains for approval as per your company’s policies. This enables the corporate bookings made by employees to be assessed directly by their managers or any other concerned parties. Defining an approval flow makes sure that bookings are always instantly notified to the right stakeholder, and are thus approved or rejected based on appropriate parameters. Travelstop’s intuitive platform makes this procedure instant, negating the need for manual checks or constant reminders.

Access the Best Inventory for your Bookings

Once your company's policies and workflows have been set up, your employees can seamlessly initiate their corporate travel bookings directly within the platform. With an extensive inventory spanning more than 800 airlines and 600,000 hotels, Travelstop empowers your employees to organize their travel arrangements through its user-friendly interface efficiently.

Furthermore, Travelstop integrates your travel policies into the booking process, ensuring a seamless and compliant experience. When an employee browses available options, the platform automatically cross-checks them against your company's policies. For instance, if your policy permits booking only 3-star hotels, employees receive immediate notifications upon attempting to reserve a 4 or 5-star hotel. This proactive approach not only helps employees avoid the inconvenience of out-of-policy bookings and the need for re-booking but also simplifies the approval process for managers.

What Makes Travelstop the Ideal Choice?

Here’s what makes Travelstop your quintessential choice for all of your corporate travel management needs.

Empowering Managers

Travelstop equips managers with a powerful suite of tools, enabling them to orchestrate approval workflows, meticulously track expenses and enforce compliance. With Travelstop, you wield the control and insights needed to lead confidently.

Elevating the Traveller Experience

Travelstop places the essentials of travel right at your fingertips. You can pick from a world of limitless choices, guided by an intuitive and contemporary interface. Top-tier support ensures that every aspect of your journey, from booking to departure, is taken care of.

Mastering Financial Efficiency

Travelstop is your key to unlocking increased savings and consistent compliance. With Travelstop in your financial arsenal, your team can effortlessly steer decisions that drive fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

Ability to Make Bookings for Others

Thanks to saved traveller profiles, Travelstop streamlines the process of coordinating trips on behalf of your employees, executives and teams.

Ensure the Safety of Travelling Employees

Travelstop prioritizes the safety of your employees during their travels by providing real-time updates and insights. This feature allows you to monitor their journey and provide immediate assistance in case of unexpected disruptions. Furthermore, Travelstop equips your employees with top-tier tools and support, ensuring their comfort and security throughout their journey.

Travelstop offers an unparalleled corporate travel management experience, combining convenience with autonomy for your employees while maintaining policy compliance. Through the streamlining of approval workflows, integration of policy enforcement, and a comprehensive flight inventory available through a user-friendly interface, Travelstop ensures that every facet of corporate travel booking is finely tuned for success.

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