We know how hard it can be to make sense of all the travel and expense data. With an overwhelming number of expenses, it can be hard to understand what's been spent and where it's been spent.

That's why – we're introducing Insights.

With Insights, you get a consolidated view of all your spend data in one single place. All your data gets beautifully visualised to help you stay on top of what's happening.

We're launching Insights for both Travel and Expenses. So, it doesn't matter if you use Travelstop to manage your business travel or expenses (or both), you'll get meaningful insights for both of our products.

Insights for Expenses

Understanding your expense data is key to making informed policy decisions. We've made it easy for you to visualise your data in a meaningful way. Here are some of the insights you can uncover for your expense data.

Travelstop – Insights for expense management
  1. Spend overview: Get an overview of all the expense claims submitted by your employees, with a breakdown of total approved and pending approval.
  2. Reimbursements: Settle your employee's expense claims faster by knowing how much of the approved claims are still pending reimbursements.
  3. Group spending: Get a quick pulse on how much each of your department or team is spending.
  4. Top spenders: Understand who is spending the most in your company or department.
  5. Spending by categories: Get a view of all the expenses by categories.
  6. Top merchants: Identify the top merchants where your company spends the most.

Insights for Travel

It can be hard to find the right information and even harder to make sense of it. We've designed Insights to help you make sense of all your travel data. It can help you find the information you need to make informed policy decisions.

Travelstop – Insights for business travel
  1. Currently travelling: Know who is currently travelling with their complete itinerary and emergency contact details.
  2. Spend overview: Track your business travel spending on flights and hotels with real-time data.
  3. Recent bookings: Get a view of all the current and upcoming bookings in your company.
  4. Policy compliance: Know your overall policy compliance rate and make those informed policy decisions.
  5. Frequent travellers: Identify frequent travellers and their policy compliance rate.
  6. Frequently booked: Get a view of frequently booked airlines and hotels within your company.

All of this data is visualised beautifully without having to do anything manually. Best of all, you can customise the charts to slice and dice the data however you need – filter by date range, groups, cost centre, tags, employee, and more.

Get a complete picture

Whether you want to learn how your company is spending on business travel or see how employees are making their expense claims, Insights makes it easy to visualise and understand all your travel and expense data.

Insights will be available for free to all our customers starting today. Just login to your Travelstop account and click on Insights.

💡 Friendly reminder: Travelstop expenses can be used as a stand-alone expense management software. If you're currently using us for business travel and would like to digitise your expense workflow, you can get started for free.