Travelstop + QuickBooks

Accounting automation is critical for end-to-end expense management. That's why we built a direct integration with QuickBooks Online – allowing you to feed all your expenses directly into the accounting system.

Travelstop + QuickBooks

A few weeks after we announced our direct integration with Xero, we're pleased to announce that we now have a direct connection with QuickBooks Online. If you're using QuickBooks Online for accounting, you can automatically synchronise all your expense data.

Our integration allows you to maximise your efficiency by automating your accounting tasks. Now you can securely export your expense data and stay up-to-date without having to copy over the information manually.

If you're using QuickBooks Online – here's how the integration can help you

🗂 Categorise expenses

Auto-import your expense related chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online as Travelstop expense categories – keeping all your expenses categorised accurately.

📤 Export approved reports

Automatically export your expense reports as soon as they're approved – improving your efficiency and overall processing time.

🏷 Add additional dimensions

Track and export dimensions like Groups or Cost centre to get additional context for your expense spending.

⚡️ Stay up-to-date

Keep all your data up-to-date with real-time sync. All your information is synchronised automatically, with an option to trigger manual sync at any time (just in case if you need it).

With improved productivity and reduced risk of error, you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

If you wish to get started – go to your Company Settings, and under Integrations, you can connect to QuickBooks Online in just a few clicks. Learn more about the connection settings on our QuickBooks Online integration page.