5 new features to improve your business travel and expense management workflow

Travelstop has grown a lot since we launched three weeks ago. We keep shipping new features every day and keep getting better and better. Since launch, we have added many improvements and features to our platform. Here are some of the highlights of what we’ve shipped in the last few weeks.

📤 Export options

You can now easily export your expense reports into CSV format. Exporting to CSV allows you to import expense reports into your accounting system or to review and analyse your data further, outside of Travelstop. Additionally, if you’re using Xero for accounting, we also have a Xero compatible CSV format that you can easily export. Learn more

🔢 Account code

Now you can assign a unique reference code (account code) to your expense categories to align them with your accounting system. Just click on any existing category, and you will see an optional account code field to add your accounting reference. Learn more

📥 Auto-import receipts

You can easily import your flights and hotels booked on Travelstop into your expense reports. Additionally, importing will now automatically attach the relevant receipt to the expense line item for hotels and flights bookings in just a single click.

🔖 Frequent flyer miles

Business travellers can now easily add their frequent-flyer program number while making a flight reservation. Additionally, you can save all your hotel loyalty and frequent-flyer program numbers in your profile for easy access.

🇮🇳 Currency support

We’ve added support for Indian Rupee ₹ (INR) as a payment currency. In addition to the multiple currencies that we already support, business travellers in India can now use Indian Rupee to make hotel or flight reservations.

That’s it for now. If you are using Travelstop already, we’d love your feedback. Just drop us note at feedback@travelstop.com