We've been working round the clock to make your business travel life easier and to make you more productive. Last month, we launched our iPhone app so that you can manage your expenses on-the-go. We also improved our flight's inventory significantly so that you can easily find your preferred flights.

Now we're introducing a few new features that will make your business trips and experience in managing travel and expenses even better!

🛄 Integrated baggage purchase

We all know that the cheaper fares of low-cost carriers come without baggage allowance. Earlier we presented you flight options with and without baggage, which wasn't that flexible. Now, with our integrated baggage purchase, you can customise the baggage you want to add for any of your flights. For example, you may not need checked baggage for your onward flight, but require 25kg checked baggage for the return flight (for all the gifts you may be carrying back for your team). Good news – we've made that super easy to do now.

🛫 Flights interlining

Want to book your onward flight on Scoot and return on AirAsia? No problem! With interlining, you can now book multiple carriers on a single itinerary. We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, making it super easy to book your preferred flights in minutes. That means you no longer have to spend hours on dozens of websites trying to find the perfect flight.

📨 Improved onboarding flow

We've made it super easy to onboard new users. If you're an admin and want to invite someone to join the company as another admin, we've made that possible. Now, you can assign roles when you send out an invite. We also show the pending invitations in your company settings, making it easy to resend the invite if someone has not joined your company yet.

And if you need any assistance in onboarding your employees, just let us know. We now offer free personalised onboarding assistance for companies – drop us a line at sales@travelstop.com

🎛 Other improvements

  • Fare brand: We now display the fare brand where available along with the class when you expand the search results card (e.g. Economy Starter or Economy Flexi)
  • LCC frequent flyer miles: Some low-cost carriers have a frequent flyer programme (e.g. AirAsia BIG). If you're booking a low-cost flight, you can now add your frequent flyer number along with your booking.
  • Minor improvements: We've made 50+ minor improvements over the last month to make your experience even better – improved search performance, copy to clipboard for PNRs, improved form validation, and better auto-complete dropdown, to name a few.

You’ll also see a bunch of new features on our iPhone app. We've been working non-stop to improve the Travelstop app experience to make you more productive on-the-go. Here's what we added recently:

📱 New app features

  • 💲 We'll remember your last used currency/exchange rate in reports
  • 💬 Ability to share your itinerary/receipts on WhatsApp
  • 🗑 You can now delete any of the expenses or reports in draft
  • 🚀 20+ fixes and improvements

That’s it for now. If you are using Travelstop already, we’d love your feedback. Drop us a note at feedback@travelstop.com.