In the last few weeks, we've developed and released some of your most requested features. Each one of them has been meticulously designed to improve your existing workflow and make you even more productive, so that you can focus on things that actually matter for your business.

Without further ado, let’s jump in and take a look at them.

👭 Group bookings for flights

Travel managers, we heard you loud and clear. Now, you can book the same flight for up to five employees and travellers at once, saving you a whole bunch of time. Simply select your business travellers from the dropdown during checkout, and you're good to go!

💳 Improved checkout flow

We've significantly improved our checkout flow for flights by allowing you to quickly fill out your passenger details, select baggage, and make payment – all within a single page. That means you can now book flights up to 3x faster, and all the information will be made available for you to review before you confirm and make the purchase.

📧 Share itinerary

We understand that you may need to share your itinerary with your colleagues or managers before you make a booking. You can now easily do that from the booking summary page. What's more, the shared email is deep-linked to your flight/hotel selection, allowing them to book in just a few clicks (without having to waste time searching for the same flight again).

Other improvements

  • 🖼 PDF previews and full-screen image view for expense receipts
  • ✏️ Dynamic checkout form fields (e.g. hide passport fields when not required)
  • 🔴 Pending approval notification badge for expenses
  • 🎉 Improvements for add new expense flow
  • 📱 Improved usability on mobile web
  • 🗓 Show dates in report history
  • 💬 Increase character limit for expense purpose field
  • 🏬 Add department information to CSV for Xero
  • 🚀 30+ other fixes and improvements

You can try out our new features here. Have any feedback? We’re all ears. Drop us a note at

We've also been working non-stop to improve our iPhone app experience to make you more productive on-the-go. We've redesigned the most frequently used screens in the app to make it more functional and responsive, along with some other improvements.

Here's what we added:

📱 New app features

  • 👆🏼 Redesigned expense view (swipe through all your expenses)
  • 🎊 Revamped cards for department, tax and date selection
  • 🔴 Pending approval notification badge
  • 💬 Chat support
  • 🚀 20+ other fixes and improvements

Please update your app from the App Store, and keep the feedback coming!