What we shipped: Tags, preferred hotels, and more

We've been working hard and shipped a lot of new features in the last couple of months – including tags, preferred hotels, admin notifications, multiple approvers, share itinerary and more.

What we shipped: Tags, preferred hotels, and more

It’s that time of the month again! We know some of you have been eagerly waiting for these, and we appreciate your patience and continued support. We've been working hard in the meantime and shipped a lot of new features in the last couple of months.

Let’s dive into them.

Tags 🏷

Tags are additional trip-level details that you can optionally enable and add to your trips. Using tags, you can track trips that are related to the same project, cost centre, or event. Learn more

Preferred Hotels 👌

Easily add any property to your company's preferred list by clicking on the + in search results. This will immediately highlight your preferred hotels to all your employees. Learn more

Admin notifications 📧

You can set up email notifications that will automatically be sent out to users when important events occur in your company. For example: when someone books a flight or hotel, or an expense report gets approved. Learn more

Export booking data 📤

In addition to exporting expense data, you can now export out all your travel booking data in CSV format. Learn more

Multiple approvers 👥

You can now assign multiple approvers for the same department. This is helpful when certain members within the same department have different approvers. Learn more

Additional export templates for Xero 🗒

You can now choose your preferred CSV template for Xero: Default, Group by report, or Group by user. Learn more

Share itinerary  ➡️

Easily share your flight or hotel itinerary with your coworkers right from the booking summary page. Learn more

Other improvements 🚀

  • ⏺ Add to expense shortcut in travel bookings
  • 🗑 You can now remove any user from the company
  • 🛂 Better handling of long passenger names for flights
  • 🏨 Better handling of special requests for hotels
  • 💬 Character limit increased for expense category names
  • ✅ Improved form field validations
  • 👤 Improved user onboarding
  • ✈️ Flight filter improvements
  • 🚀 50+ other fixes and improvements

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We've also been working non-stop to improve our iPhone app experience to make you more productive on-the-go. As such, we’re incredibly excited to announce new features we’ve just released on our iPhone app!

Here's what we added:

📱 New app features

  • 📄 Scan option for expense receipts
  • ⚡️ Faster image uploads for expense receipts
  • 👥 Support for multiple approvers
  • 📶 Improved network connection handling
  • 🚀 15+ other fixes and improvements

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